Tranquil as a Chrysanthemum

Law Wing-fai “Atmospheric Music Theatre”

24-26/10/2018 (Wed to Fri ) 8 pm

Hongkong City Hall Theatre

From Wuji Ensemble's first episode of "When Petals Fall in Serenity" in Law Wing-fai’s atmospheric music theatre series to the subsequent "Beyond the Senses", "Sands and Beyond" and "Śūnyatā", we now present the long-awaited concluding episode of "Tranquil as a Chrysanthemum"! Hear the flowers murmur!



Tranquil as a Chrysanthemum
The Frigid Green of West Lake
La Blancheur
Ethereal Fragrance
The Lone Flower
The Glory of the Lotus Seat
Wind Dance
The Flower that Has Never Bloomed

Artistic Director/ Composer Law Wing-fai
Set & Costume Designer Tsang Man-tung
Lighting Designer Leo Cheung
Video Designer Shing Pok-man
Sound Engineer Chan Pui-ching

Music Director/ Pipa/Movement Wong Chi-ching

Kunqu/Recitation/Movement Kong Aiping

Xiao/Dizi Zhang Fan

Soprano/Movement Margaret Yim

Guzheng Michelle Wan

Harp Amy Tam

Clarinet Fung Yat-shan

Erhu:Shao LinYangqin Bryan Lai

Pipa Lam Tsan-tong/Au Yuen-ying/Fong Yee-kwan/So Pui-yi

Tea Master Raymond Ray