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Boundless Groove

8 - 9 / 6 /2019 ( Sat & Sun ) 8 pm

Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre

  10/ 11/2019 ( Sun )  2:15 pm

The Box, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District

Wuji Ensemble's first foray into Jazz with Mo-Men-T - A fusion of Chinese and western instruments to explore the journeys in life through musical imageries.


Artistic Director Law Wing-fai

Music Director  Wong Chi-ching

Music Concept Lam Tsan-tong

Stage Design  Coutou Woodworking

Lighting Design Fung Ka-wai

Sound Design Anthony Yeung

Wuji Ensemble

Ensemble Leader / Pipa / Ruan Lam Tsan-tong

Guzheng / Ruan Au Yuen-ying

Ruan Fong Yee-kwan

Ruan So Pui-yi

Mo - Men - T

Base Lui Ngao-yuen

Electic Guitar/ Synthesizer Mike Yip

Percussion / Drum set Vic Tsui

Guest Musicians

Keyboard Bowen Li

Trumpet So Ho-chi



Exploration: Overture

Concept: Lam Tsan-tong & Lui Ngao-yuen


Beginning: Earth (world premiere)*

Lui Ngao-yuen


Journey: Refrain

Concept: Lam Tsan-tong & Lui Ngao-yuen ​


Joy: Boundless Groove (world premiere)*

Lai Sheung-ping ​


Diversity: Refrain

Concept: Lam Tsan-tong & Mike Yip ​


Colour: Ink Meditation (world premiere)*

Mike Yip ​


Reflection: Refrain

Concept: Lam Tsan-tong & Mike Yip ​


Continuance: Coda

Concept: Lam Tsan-tong & Mo-Men-T ​

* Commissioned by Wuji Ensemble Limited in 2019 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund

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