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空塵 Śūnyatā

空塵 Śūnyatā


Law Wing-fai “Atmospheric Music Theatre”

14 / 4 /2018 ( Sat ) 8 pm

Studio Theatre,Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Śūnyatā (a Sanskrit word meaning "voidness")

is the fourth production in composer Law Wing-fai's "Atmospheric Music Theatre" series, striving to exemplify the concept and direction of the composer's most recent artistic creations.  Simply put, it utilizes the contemporary theatre as a means of expression to complement the natural timbres of Chinese musical instruments, coupling with poetry, songs, music, dance and various visual elements to cultivate a mood for reflection as well as a taste of Oriental aesthetics.  Śūnyatā comprises three sections, namely: "Loka" (meaning "world" in Sanskrit), "Yonder" and "Awakening".

Artistic Director/ Composer Law Wing-fai

Music Director/ Pipa Wong Chi-ching
Set & Costume Designer Tsang Man-tung
Lighting Designer Venessa Lee

Sound Engineer Chan Pui-ching

Music Director/ Pipa Wong Chi-ching

Kunqu Performer Kong Aiping

Xiao/Dizi Zhang Fan

Soprano Margaret Yim

Sheng / Japanese Shŏ Loo Sze-wang

Clarinet Leung Chi-shing

Yangqin Bryan Lai

Singing Bowls Tsang Man-tung

Ruan / Guzheng Au Yuen-ying

Ruan Lam Tsan-tong, So Pui-yi & Tong Ming-hok




Incense Offerings

          Xiao/Erhu/Pipa/Guzheng/Singing Bowls/Tea Ceremony

Tranquil as a Chrysanthemum

Pipa Solo


A Pond of Scattered Duckweeds

Soprano/ Clarinet

In Oneness

Guzheng Solo

Sands and Beyond

Pipa Solo


      Wind Dance (World Premiere)

          Xiao/Erhu/Pipa/Guzheng/Singing Bowls/Movements


Pipa Solo

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