When Petals Fall in Serenity

Law Wing-fai “Atmospheric Music Theatre”


5 - 6/ 12 /2014  (Fri to Sat)  8 pm

Studio Theatre,Hong Kong Cultural Centre

25-26/9/2015 (Fri to Sat)  7:30pm

National Taiwan University of Arts, Art centre

12-13/ 12 /2018 (Wed to Thur) 8 pm

Shenzhen Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theatre

Set against a serene garden, the main character Ru Yu wanders around and starts to recite and sing about the scenery around her. She eventually realises that what she sees and hears are but illusory and unreal, and slowly attains enlightenment and transcendence of life. On the stage, amidst the light strums of the pipa and voice, all enter into a realm of meditation and contemplation.

Beyond the Senses features the renowned Kunju artist Kong Aiping in her ground-breaking re-interpretation of classical Chinese poetry through ‘Atmospheric Music Theatre’, Law Wing-fai’s recent artistic direction which utilises the contemporary theatre as a means of expression. Revolving around the natural timbres of Chinese musical instruments and coupled with poetry, songs, music, dance and various visual elements, it hopes to cultivate a mood for reflection as well as a taste of Oriental aesthetics.


Artistic Director/ Composer Law Wing-fai

Music Director/ Pipa Wong Chi-ching
Set & Costume Designer Tsang Man-tung
Lighting Designer Venessa Lee

Video Designer Shing Bok-man
Sound Engineer Chan Pui-ching

Sound Effect Designer  Shao Qing

Music Director/ Pipa Wong Chi-ching

Cello Wendy Law

Vocalists Magaret Yim, David Quah, Xu Zhibo

Dancers Kong Wei, Ye Ran, Yang Zhijun

Pipa Wong Chi-ching, Lam Tsan-tong, Gao Sijia, So Pui-yi

Erhu Zhao Guanjie

Xiao Zhang Fan

Dizi  Jiang Ning

Sheng Loo Sze-wang

Percussion Margie Tong

Guzheng Au Yuen-ying

Guqin Xi Yanen

Tibetan Singing Bowls Tsang Man-tung

Yangqin Alice Pan

Conductor Peng Fei