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Visions Beyond

6 / 10 /2012( Thur) 8 pm

Auditorium, Hong Kong Kwai Tsing Theatre

Outside the circle

A ray of light Is the poem that spotlights the stage

Inside the circle

A string of notes

Is a spiral that traverses through time

Outside and inside the circle

The mismatching form and shadow

Is a song that breaches the continuum of time and space (Solo Theatre)

Artistic Director    Solo Theatre

Set Designer       Tsang Man-tung

Lighting Designer  Yeung Tsz Yan

Music Director/ Pipa Wong Chi-ching*


*By kind permission of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

Percussion    Tsang Man-tung

Xiao/Dizi     Zhang Fan

Erhu/Zhao    Guanjie

Ruan & Pipa   Hong Kong Wuji Ensemble

                     ( Beijing & TaiWan division)

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