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5 / 2 /2015( Thur) 8 pm

Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall

In line with Wuji Ensemble's stylized performance image, the concert emphasizes on the Chinese aesthetics of "blankness", leaving room for the audience's imagination and reflection. Programme includes the two famous pipa tunes "The Ancient Tune of Ying Zhou" & "The Moon Rises"; Abing's erhu solo "Listening to the Soughing of the Pines" & Liu Tianhua's "Melody on Single String"; xiao performer Zhang Fan's "A Plume of Smoke" & Li Fubin (Music Director of the Chinese Orchestra of Guangzhou Xinhai Conservatory of Music)'s "Postlude to Chu Ci"; Wuji Ensemble Artistic Director Law Wing-fai's "A Thousand Sweeps" and "Emergence", as well as Wuji Ensemble's improvisation piece "Blank-leaving".

Artistic Director/ Composer Law Wing-fai

Music Director  Wong Chi-ching

Sogetsu Ikebana Installation  Ho Hin-shing

Pipa  Wong Chi-ching
Xiao/Dizi  Zhang Fan
Erhu  Zhao Guanjie

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