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羅永暉意境音樂劇場《一漠大千》Atmospheric Music Theatre by Law Wing-fai - "Sands and Beyond"

羅永暉意境音樂劇場《一漠大千》Atmospheric Music Theatre by Law Wing-fai - "Sands and Beyond"

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Law Wing-fai “Atmospheric Music Theatre”

   8 -10/ 9 /2017  ( Fri - Sun )7:45 pm

9 -10/ 9 /2017  ( Sat - Sun) 3 pm

Studio Theatre,Hong Kong Cultural Centre

In stillness there exists clarity, beauty and serenity.

Forget the banality of everyday life and allow any feelings to arise within you, with mindful acceptance. Immerse your senses in the realm of nothingness, elevated by the sounds of the chakras and live improvised music. Vipassana is presented by HKDC Artistic Director Yang Yuntao, renowned scenographer Tsang Man-tung and award-winning composer Law Wing-fai. Join us in a soul-cleansing ritual.

Striking an intricate balance between movement and stillness – liberate your mind, welcome to your spiritual awakening.

Director Yang Yuntao  Tsang Man-tung  Law Wing-fai
Set & Costume Designer Tsang Man-tung
Lighting Designer Zoe Cheung

Digital Image Designer Dan Fong


Pipa Wong Chi Ching (Except 9th evening)
Pipa/Ruan Mavis Lam
Erhu Pascal Zhao
Guzheng Wan Xing
Actor and Drums Alex Cheung


In the beginning

Yang Yuntao


Silent Walk

Tsang Man-tung

Wuji Soundscapes

Law Wing-fai

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